Skull Rock Nature Trail

Skull Rock Nature Trail is a 1.7 mile-loop hike in the middle of Joshua Tree National Park. The terrain is easy overall, though there are some steep steps on the northern half of the hike.

Skull Rock
Is that rock staring at me? This spooky rock resembles a skull, hence its name and the nearby nature trail.


Skull Rock Trail
The trail on the south side of Quail Springs Road is clearly marked with some nice interpretive signs, many dealing with local plant life and their benefits.


Blue Jay
The north side is rougher terrain, but more quiet and secluded off the highway. Along the way, I listened to this blue jay call to some friends.


Looking North
I climbed a rock to enjoy a few minutes of quiet and enjoyed this panorama looking north.


Mount San Gorgonio
Heading back out of the park toward the Joshua Tree Entrance, I caught a great view of Mount San Gorgonio in the distance, glistening from last week’s snowfall.


Joshua Tree National Park is one of the hidden gems of California, unrivaled for its wide open spaces, starry nights, and interesting rock formations. If you are planning your own trip, I recommend using the Falcon Guide – Hiking Joshua Tree National Park: 38 Day and Overnight Hikes.


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