Stay On Target


Men’s Discipleship is one of the top priorities of the church. The past couple years, I’ve met once a month on Saturday afternoons with a group of guys. We called it SaLT for “Servant Leadership Training.” We had some great discussions on the Nine Marks of a Healthy Church and Biblical Eldership. But I’ve long had a desire to do more.

As I recently preached from the book of Titus, we need more of our men to aspire to leadership in their families and in our church (you can listen to the sermon here if you missed it). But it is not fair to ask them to aspire to something if we are not also providing opportunities for them to get the necessary training.

Finding the right time for discipleship is a challenge. Weekdays are pretty much out of the picture because our guys in the military are simply too busy and their schedule is unpredictable. Saturday afternoons have worked OK, but are not really convenient for anyone.  So, we’re going to switch to Saturday mornings from 8 to 9am.

Along with the time change, we’re also switching up the format. There will be 30-40 minutes of teaching on some aspect of doctrine or leadership, then 20-30 minutes of table group discussion. My goal is to dismiss after one hour so our men can be out by 9 and return to their family and ministry duties.


To signify this change, our group has been renamed On Target. This name captures our desire to help every man in the church stay on target with God, with his family, and with the world.

Our first meeting will be this Saturday, April 26, at 8 am. If you live in the Yucca Valley area, you’re welcome to join us. We’ll probably meet 2-3 times per month. This is not intended to replace our expository study of the Book of James in Men’s Bible Study, but rather to help us dig deeper in matters of doctrine and ministry training the rest of the month.

I’m praying this new program will strengthen the men of our church, and am eager to see what the Lord will do.

Question: What do you find most difficult about discipling men and raising up leaders? Click here to leave a comment.

Photo credit: U.S. Army Europe Images


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