The Goal of Missions

ImageThis month combines two of my favorite subjects: Christmas and missions.

Missions was on the heart of God the very night Jesus was born. While angels shouted “glory to God” to a few Jewish shepherds outside Bethlehem, a star lit up the sky a thousand miles away announcing His arrival to the Gentiles.

The Christmas story reminds us that the goal of missions is worship. God wants more people to know His Son and to worship Him. When the wise men finished their long journey, they immediately laid gifts at the feet of Jesus, fell down, and worshiped Him (Matt. 2:11).

Of course, missions has always been central to God’s rescue plan. He is jealous for His Name (Ex. 20:5) and wants His glory to be spread among all nations (Ps. 96:3). He desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim. 2:4).

Each December, our church joins thousands of other Southern Baptist churches to pray for global missions and give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. We also feature missions videos each Sunday morning and will host a missions banquet on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 15 to meet one of our IMB missionaries. What better way to celebrate the advent of Christ?

In the haste of the holidays, pray that more people will hear of Christ and worship Him. Immanuel. God with Us.

Question: How can a church or family weave missions into their Christmas traditions? Share your thoughts by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “The Goal of Missions”

  1. Here are some ideas I have:

    1. Missionaries could share Christmas traditions from their host counties while churches study the country and needs.
    2. Children could make small gifts for MKs or local children in host country while they learn about and study that country.
    3. Children could have email pals with MKs or local children.
    4. Church families could adopt a missionary for the season or for the year and connect with them. Pictures of missionaries could be put on a Christmas tree for families to choose.
    5. The superbowl could be recorded and sent to male missionaries or females who are interested.
    6. A continuation of 1. above: Children’s church could enact the Christmas traditions from the host countries.

    Janet Mulford-serving in China

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