Biblical Counseling Training

Wednesday nights have always been a struggle for our church. At our lowest point, we were down to only 4-5 people for Bible study and prayer.

But when I announced a new class on biblical counseling, it struck a nerve. Attendance soared to its highest level in years. Clearly, our people want to learn how to handle the complexities of life and biblically counsel others in need of change. Very exciting!

If you live in the Yucca Valley area, we invite you to join us for biblical counseling training every Wednesday evening at 6pm. But even if you live out-of-town or have a scheduling conflict, you can still do the homework and listen online or on your MP3 player.

Here are links to our sessions so far…

Wednesday Night Audio:
Lesson 1 – The History of Psychology (audio | handout)
Lesson 2 – The Best of News (audio | handout)
Lesson 3 – In the Hands of the Redeemer (audio | handout)
Lesson 4 – In the Hands of the Redeemer, pt. 2 (audio | handout)
Lesson 5 – Do We Really Need Help? (audio)
Lesson 6 – Do We Really Need Help? pt. 2 (audio)
Lesson 7 – The Heart is the Target (audio)
Lesson 8 – The Heart is the Target, pt. 2 (audio)

Textbooks We are Using:
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp
Instruments Study Guide

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