An Election Day Prayer

Our church prayed this prayer together on Sunday, November 4, in preparation for Tuesday’s election…

You are King of Kings, and You are Lord of Lords.
Your Name O God is matchless.
You are the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

You are in charge of the galaxies that swirl around our universe
and You are in charge of the tiniest molecules and atoms.

God, we know that all of our days hang in your balance.
We know that kings are raised up by You, and that other kings are torn down.

Lord, we are blessed and we are thankful today to live in a free country.
We have the privilege — unlike the majority of this world —
We have the privilege to cast our vote for
Who will be the next President of the United States
And to elect leaders over our Congress, our State legislature,
Our local Town Council, judges, and police force.

We have the privilege and duty to share our voice.

But we know that you are the One who is ultimately in charge,
So we come humbly this morning before You.
You are so great, and we are so small.
We are thankful for this country,
And we pray that You would keep Your hand upon us.

Father, You tell us in 1 Timothy 2 to pray for our leaders —
To pray for our kings and all of those who are in authority
That we would be able to live a peaceful and quiet life
So that the Word of God can spread

We pray Lord that You would preserve the peace and
The religious freedom that we have in this country.
We feel that the days are evil, and that the time may come where
We will be persecuted for gathering like we are this morning.
We pray that that would not be the case,
And we pray for all of our brothers and sisters scattered across the world
Who already face those kinds of difficult choices of where and when to meet to worship You.

God, we commit America to You.
We pray that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
We pray that You would give us hearts of compassion for the needy,
Hearts of jealousy for Your name.
We pray that the laws and leaders of this land would defend justice,
And love mercy, and walk humbly in the sight of God.

God, we pray that You would show Your grace,
And Your favor, and Your kindness
And that You would do what is most needed:
That You would bring revival in this land
Lord, cause an awakening, perhaps through this hurricane,
Perhaps through other crises in people’s lives.

Lord, these are dark, dark days. We need only turn on the television
To be reminded how sinful and desperately wicked we are.
We don’t deserve Your love, but You have been so patient with us.
We pray You would bring a spiritual awakening to our land.
Let it start right here in Yucca Valley, California
And through other evangelical churches
And through disaster relief efforts going on right now.

Lord, heal our land. We pray for Your name to be glorified.
We pray for Your will to be done.
We pray that whatever the results, that we would rest in Your sovereignty.
Help us be careful, because we know people will be watching how we react this week.

Help us never to damage our witness.
We’re concerned first and foremost that people come to know Jesus.
You left us on this earth not to have a perfect government now.
You left us here to share the gospel with those who still are lost.

So we pray O Lord that You would guard our hearts and minds.
Knit us together to trust in You.
And we pray Lord that Your will would be done.
We surrender to it.

We pray in Christ’s Name, Amen.

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