Book Review: Evernote for Dummies

I’ve tried many filing systems and databases over the years, and Evernote is by far the most powerful note-taking software I’ve seen. I use it every day to save newspaper clippings, ministry articles, and sermon illustrations.

Evernote is so simple and intuitive that you really don’t need a manual to use it. But for those who want to get full use out of the program, Evernote for Dummies by David Sarna is the perfect sidekick. The book is divided into seven parts:

I. Starting Evernote (the basics)
II. Increasing Your Reach (integrating other kinds of media)
III. Managing Information (how to search, synchronize, and share)
IV. Just for You: Device-Specific Features (using on computer, tablets, and the web)
V. Expanding Your Skills (using handy hardware and third-party applications)
VI. Adding Professional Power (open scripting and community forums)
VII. The Part of Tens (using Evernote in different contexts)

This last section is a trademark of the Dummies series. In this volume, it is so valuable I would suggest reading these pages first so you get a full idea of the potential of Evernote in your life. It shares ideas for using Evernote in the home (e.g. decorating ideas, voter guide, packing list), at work (brainstorming, productivity), and at school (note-taking, research, shopping). The book concludes with an appendix for developers and an invaluable index.

The basic version of Evernote is free, and the premium version is a very reasonable $45/year. Now we have no excuse for being disorganized!

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