Make a Joyful Noise

Music has been around since the dawn of time.

As God created the universe, an angelic choir sang praises and shouted for joy (Job 38:4-7). Early humans invented string and wind  instruments like the lyre and pipe (Gen. 4:21). And the young shepherd David was skilled at playing the lyre (1 Sam. 16:16).

Whenever God’s people made pilgrimage to Jerusalem, they sang (Pss. 120-34). A whole book of the Bible is an ancient song book (Psalms). Another is a love song (Song of Solomon). And yet another is a funeral song (Lamentations).

In the New Testament, we hear Jesus and His disciples singing a hymn right before His betrayal and arrest (Matt. 26:30). Paul urges the church to sing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs (Col. 3:16). And best of all, heaven will be full of joyful music and songs of victory forever (Rev. 5:8-14).

The April edition of our church newsletter is hot off the press and all about music and worship. You can pick up a copy during our worship service this morning, or click here to subscribe to our online edition. We hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to make a joyful noise to the Lord (Ps. 95:1)!

 Photo credit: anitakhart

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