Jesus is alive!

Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” Two angels asked the women on that first Easter Sunday. “He is not here, but He has been resurrected!”

Jesus, who suffered a gruesome death just three days earlier, now stood in triumph over sin and death. The tomb was empty! Jesus was alive! God had raised up His Son! And the world would never been the same.

The story is told of a Muslim in Africa who surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. When asked why he’d become a Christian, he replied,

“Well, it’s like this. Suppose you were going down the road and suddenly the road forked in two directions, and you didn’t know which way to go. And there at the fork in the road were two men, one dead and one alive—which one would you ask which way to go?”

Truly, Jesus is alive, and worthy of our trust and devotion.

May we continue to celebrate the wonder of Christ’s death and resurrection for our forgiveness, and to share this astounding message with others.


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