Book Review: The Lord’s Prayer

When the disciples asked, “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus did not simply tell them. He showed them. He modeled for all of us how we can talk to God in words that are simple yet profound. This prayer, known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” has endured for two thousands years, and is now available in a new edition by Rick Warren and Richard Jesse Watson for a new generation to discover. I read this book last night to our 3-yr old daughter and 5-yr old son. We all enjoyed looking at the artwork and discussing the meaning of Jesus’ precious words.

The Lord’s Prayer introduces us to all the important elements of prayer: Adoration. Submission. Supplication. Confession. A longing for heaven. This kids’ edition pairs the poetic beauty of the King James Version with the beautiful artwork of Richard Watson. Watson creatively depicts the wonder and almost whimsical nature of prayer through the trusting eyes of a child. At times, I would like to see a clearer connection between the illustrations and the content of Scripture. Some of the images are brilliant (a girl feeding sparrows to show how God supplies our daily bread), while others are just too abstract (two children walking hand-in-hand up a stairway to show God’s eternal glory).

By depicting children from many countries, Watson gives the book a multicultural flavor and shows that God invites people of all ages and nationalities to talk to Him through His Son. The brief prayers and explanatory notes by Rick Warren at the back of the book are a great addition, and can provide great talking points for parents. All in all, The Lord’s Prayer could be a good tool to help introduce children to the power and beauty of the Lord’s prayer.


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