Top Bible reading plans

The new year is a great time to jump-start your daily Bible reading. Here are some of the top Bible reading plans I recommend:

  • New Testament. In just five minutes a day, you can read the whole NT in a year. This is a great plan for newer believers just starting the discipline of Bible reading.
  • Book-at-a-Time. Alternate between Old Testament and New Testament books with this plan, with a few catch-up days at the end of each month. This has been one of my favorite plans over the last several years.
  • Chronological. Read the stories of the Bible in the order they occurred.
  • M’Cheyne reading plan. For the more ambitious, read through the OT once and the NT twice in one year using this classic plan by Robert Murray M’Cheyne.
  • Horner reading plan. To mix things up a bit, try reading ten chapters a day at a quick pace using this plan by Grant Horner, English professor at The Master’s College. Tim Challies has written about this plan here and here.
  • Straight through. There’s nothing wrong with still reading straight through, about three chapters a day, from Genesis to Revelation. But be warned, you will be tempted to get bogged down, not arriving into the New Testament until September.
  • Daily Bible. Try the The MacArthur Daily Bible to read an OT, NT, Psalm, and Proverb passage each day with helpful study notes.
  • Bible Study. Check out one of our Bible Studies in the church library by John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, or David Jeremiah. Use it to guide in your daily Bible reading.
  • Customize. Want a smaller goal or a different way to read in 2011? Just contact me, and I’ll use Logos Bible Software to create a reading list for you with customized reading, dates, etc. to meet your needs!

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