Great news for Bible study

Today is a great day for Bible study, with two exciting new resources.

1. The ESV MacArthur Study Bible. After much anticipation, the MacArthur Study Bible is now available for the ESV. Here’s a description of this excellent Bible study tool:

An “essentially literal” translation, the ESV Bible combines “word-for-word” accuracy with readability, literary excellence, and depth of meaning. Timeless, trustworthy, and relevant, the ESV has become the fastest-growing Bible translation.

The ESV MacArthur Study Bible is an essential resource for growing Christians. It can transform your personal time in God’s Word by clarifying difficult passages, bringing unseen cultural and historical details to life, and helping you understand and apply biblical truth. It features:

  • Complete ESV Bible text
  • Nearly 25,000 explanatory notes from Dr. John MacArthur
  • Bible text in 8.7 point type, 7.6 point study notes
  • More than 140 two-color maps, charts, timelines, and illustrations
  • Complete introductions to each Bible book
  • Concise articles on How We Got the Bible and Introduction to the Bible
  • 80,000 cross-references
  • An extensive concordance
  • A section of full-color maps
  • Bible reading plans

2,144 pp. Hardcover.
Size: 6.625 x 9.1875 inches

Here’s a short video of John MacArthur explaining the product. I watched this video at Shepherd’s Conference in March, and particularly surprised to hear his glowing compliments of the ESV translation.

The ESV MacArthur Study Bible is now available through Amazon for only $29.69 and free Super Saver Shipping.

2. Bible study online. Today also marks the release of an amazing free Bible study tool online called Many of us have grown familiar with the great website, but here we have a program even more robust, which links users directly to any books they own in Logos Bible Software.

Here’s a screenshot:

The Logos Blog announcement explains, offers thousands of resources for searching and reading online. Everyone can use a small collection of books (including more than a dozen bible translations). A free account allows access to dozens more free books. And Logos 4 users can access their library online, complete with synchronization of “last read” position between Logos 4, the iPhone/iPad, and! (The list of books available online is subject to publisher permission, as with availability through mobile applications.)

In the future, everyone will be able to purchase content at and use it wherever they choose: online, on mobile devices, in Logos Bible Software 4, etc.

Go over to and see for yourself.

We are so blessed to live in an age with so many Bible study resources at our fingertips. May we use these tools not simply to grow in head knowledge, but to grow in holiness and intimacy with our Lord.


2 thoughts on “Great news for Bible study”

  1. I've been pleasantly impressed with the ESV as well. Since seminary, I've used the NRSV as my default “study” Bible, but the ESV may replace it. (Partly this is because there are so few study Bibles based on the NSRV and most of those are ecumenical versions that include the Apocrypha. There are lots of ESV study Bibles coming out. I like “The Reformation Study Bible,” whose editor is R.C. Sproul and has nice blurbs from Albert Mohler and J.I. Packer. I don't know how it compares to MacArthur's.

    (For years, I've prefered the NLT as my “reading” — as distinct from “study” — Bible. Increasingly, however, I'm finding the CEV more enjoyable for general reading. Partly this may just be the things you see with a fresh translation, but part of it may be the translation itself.)

  2. Yes, I like the RSB a lot too. Next to the MacArthur and ESV Study Bibles, I probably refer to it the most. It doesn't have quite as many notes as the MSB or ESVSB (about 20k versus 25k), and comes from a more strictly covenantal perspective I would differ from. But that is one of the things I find valuable about it. It gives a somewhat different perspective, while still being strongly evangelical. Between these three study bibles, I usually find at least two of them have a helpful comment on a verse I'm studying.

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