Visual Latin 50% off

From the makers of Modern Parables comes a great new product called Visual Latin. Here’s their announcement…


We’re excited to announce you can pre-purchase the first 10 lessons of our new Visual Latin curriculum for only $25! (We won’t offer it at this price for long.) If you’re a parent who wants your children to have fun learning Latin, if you’re a school that needs a Latin teacher, or if you always wanted to know what “habeas corpus” means, this is the class for you.

Kick the tires by watching a complete lesson for free at And please forward this email to friends who would be interested. Even if you think you’d never want to learn Latin, go watch the first lesson (it’s only 7 minutes): you’ll get a few good laughs. Or download the four free intro lessons now.

 What exactly is Visual Latin? Their blog explains…

It’s a combination of short videos and exercises that work together to teach your children (or you) Latin. The curriculum is designed so that it requires no knowledge of Latin either by the student or the parent administering the class. Basically, you just hit play and start learning.


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