Bryant Wright, our new SBC president

The passing of the Great Commission Resurgence Report was undoubtedly the most newsworthy item last week in Orlando. But we can’t overlook another important moment: the election of Bryant Wright as our next SBC president.

Ed Stetzer has written a great article explaining Bryant’s positions and what his leadership might look like in the next year (or two, if re-elected for a second term). Here’s an excerpt.

“Beyond GCR Structural Change / Focused on Spiritual Change” would have been the best way to describe Bryant Wright’s position.  Had he been leading the GCRTF, the changes would have been more radical.  He has called for a dramatic increase in funds going directly to the global field, has led his church to restructure its Cooperative Program funds to contribute directly to IMB projects, and he clearly communicated that the GCRTF report was a start, not the conclusion.

You can read his whole article here. Personally, I am thankful for the diligent labor of Johnny Hunt, and am thrilled to have Bryant as our next president.


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