Need help with the California primary?

If you’re like me, you’ve pretty much blocked out the sound of the phone ringing at dinner time due to all the automated political ads. That being said, we’ve got a very important primary election next Tuesday, June 8, and I believe it is our duty to research the candidates and participate in the political process. Where should we start?

After sorting through all the political mail I’ve collected over the past few weeks, I visited the California Family Council website. They have not produced an actual voter guide this year. However, they do summarize each state proposition and link to two helpful websites: and Robyn Nordell’s California Election Website.

IVoteValues is a ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. You can find your own local election guide by clicking here. It is still quite vague since the ERLC cannot endorse any political candidates, and it does not give much information regarding local elections.

The California Election Website particularly caught my eye. Robyn Nordell describes herself as “a woman with a passion for encouraging people to be intelligently involved in the political process, to stand up for traditional-family values, and to protect our precious constitutional freedoms. She values those candidates and legislators who operate from a pro-life, traditional values, and limited government perspective.”

From what I’ve seen so far on her site, I am quite pleased. Be sure to check out Robyn’s One Stop Election Page with all her endorsements as you continue to research each candidate and proposition.

And don’t forget to keep next Tuesday’s election in prayer. Very significant decisions are being made that will affect the future livelihood of California residents and even the freedom we have as Christians to share the gospel (cf. 1 Timothy 2:1-4).

Photo credit: ladybugbkt


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