An historic moment in the SBC

The Great Commission Resurgence Task Force released their Final Report today with some sweeping recommendations for the Southern Baptist Convention. This report will no doubt receive a lot of attention and debate over the next month, culminating with a convention-wide vote in Orlando in June. This is an historical moment. Here’s the release from chairman Ronnie Floyd:

As promised, we are releasing today the Final Report of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. It is called, “Penetrating the Lostness: Embracing a Vision for a Great Commission Resurgence Among Southern Baptists.” You can access the report on our website There are three types of media located there:

1. The written report, available to download and print
2. The report on video
3. A five-minute video that looks at lostness in our world and the reason we have need for a Great Commission Resurgence. This stirring piece is available for you to download free of charge so that you can show it to your church or ministry.

Finally, thank you for praying toward this day. Please continue to pray for this need all the way to the SBC in Orlando in June and beyond.

We are grateful for each of you.
Ronnie W. Floyd, Chairman
Great Commission Resurgence Task Force

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