New blog for pastors

I picked up with great excitement two little ministry books by Brian Croft at Shepherds Conference last month. One is Visit the Sick: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Illness. The other is Test, Train, Affirm, and Send Into Ministry: Recovering the Local Church’s Responsibility in the External Call.

And today, I just realized Brian also has a blog called Practical Shepherding. There is some great, practical stuff here for pastors. Here’s an excerpt from Brian’s opening post back in January…

Why another blog?  For the same reason I write the books I write: To address issues of pastoral ministry that are largely neglected in the younger generations of pastors being raised up today.   The problem isn’t a lack of opportunity to be taught and develop biblical and theological convictions, but applying those convictions to the daily grind of pastoral ministry and many of the “outside the box” scenarios that local church pastors face on a daily basis.  Lord willing, this blog will act as a voice to serve to that end.   I pray it will serve both pastors in the “trenches” of this glorious work as well as those aspiring to this call to shepherd the redeemed.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Brian. May God bless this new endeavor and your desire to equip pastors for ministry.


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