Volunteers needed for Haiti trips in April

This has just been announced by California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief…

We want to put together two more teams to serve in Haiti.
First Team:  Medical team: 2 MDs, 2 RNs, 1 pharmacist, one chaplain (CISM), and 2 others (LVNs, paramedics, or more RNs)
Dates needed:   April 14-20

Second Team:
  Demolition: (Does not need DR training) 5 strong men (be able to swing a sledge with no problem), 1 chaplain (CISM), 1 EMT or nurse. This team must go in totally self-contained (tent for rainy weather, sleep bag or sheets, heater meals and snacks, Water bottle, hand towel for showering under a bucket, two changes of clothes, and heavy work boots. It is to plan to go back-packing for 7 days. Don Hargis will be the team leader for this team
Dates needed:  April 17-24. 

To volunteer for one of these teams, please contact Judi Cook, our Off-site coordinator by e-mailing disasterrelief@csbc.com


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