Quotes from the 2010 Shepherds’ Conference

Here’s part 1 of some of my favorite quotes from the main sessions and breakout seminars of last week’s Shepherds’ Conference:

“God embraces those who separate themselves [from the world]” — John MacArthur

“God chose a foolish message, method, and messengers to demolish all human pride” — Tom Pennington

“Preachers, you can’t be clever, and Christ be mighty to save” — James Denny, quoted by Tom Pennington

“Do not think that Jesus did the same thing on the cross for all those who are in hell as for all those who are in heaven…Unless we’re universalists, we all believe in limited atonement. The only question is whether we limit it, or God limits it” — John MacArthur

“Christ’s aim is not to keep His soldiers from danger, but to equip them for it” — Rick Holland

“Hypocrisy is hiding your sins from the faithful, or hiding your faith from sinners” — Rick Holland

“Hell is truth learned too late” — cited by Rick Holland

“Satan is not the captain of hell. He is the chief captive of hell” — Rick Holland

“There are no little people, no little places, and no little sermons” — Al Mohler

“There is only one ‘faith.’ Theology is not lego bricks we can tear apart and put together when we get tired” — Phil Johnson

Today’s evangelicals favor feminine themes. ‘Let’s talk about our emotional hurts. Our personal relationships. Our felt needs. We’re hurting people.’ And the church has begun to look weak and effeminate, frightened, sissified, like a bunch of fops and milksops. And we’re supposed to be soldiers. We are told relentlessly that we have to be “always agreeable no matter what,” you know? Seeker sensitive. Gender neutral. Effervescent. Transparent. Sentimental. And delicate in everything we say and do. Those sound like rules for figure skaters, not warriors.” — Phil Johnson

Part 2 of this post will appear on Friday.


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