How to witness to your waitress

J. D. Greer has some good thoughts on day to day evangelism – taking advantage of all those little ‘divine appointments’ God brings our way where we can be salt and light.

How do you witness to your waitress? The check out clerk? Your barber? Barista? Mechanic? Co-worker? In our culture, cultivating these relationships is probably far more effective than a Monday night door-to-door visitation program or handing out tracts to strangers. Here are Greer’s thoughts.

  • Frequent the same places
  • Ask people how you can pray for them
  • Invite people to church, over and over
  • Use an acrostic like F.I.R.E. to help spur conversation. (I personally like to use R.O.C.I. – Residence, Occupation, Children/family, Interests)
  • Read a good book on evangelism by someone like Bill Hybels (I also recommend Mark Dever and Becky Pippert)

Greer closes with this:

Gospel people are to be people of extraordinary generosity, extraordinary answers to prayer, and extraordinary joy. Look for ways to really put the generosity of Christ on display, because laying down your life can really get someone’s attention; look for places to ask God for miracles; and thank God for chances to suffer before your friends, because only in suffering can you put on display that you have a joy that is better than anything life can give and that death cannot take away.

You can read the whole thing here.

HT: Justin Taylor


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