Do your Christmas shopping and support a pastor

If you like to shop at, you can do four great things at once. You can buy merchandise at great prices; save time and gas; avoid the crowds; and support a pastor (myself) without spending any extra money!

Simply by entering the Amazon website through this link here, 4% of your purchase will be credited to me for future book purchases. (This is the same link as the button embedded at the bottom right corner of my blog home page).

So for example, if you spend $100 at Amazon this year on Christmas gifts, I will get a $4 credit toward a future book. This Affiliates program is active not just at Christmas time, but all year long.

Remember, Amazon sells a lot more than books. They also have DVDs, toys, clothes, CDs, tools, and much more. Happy shopping, and thanks for supporting my library fund!

**I also learned this week about a great website called They’re posting many “Black Friday” ads ahead of time so you can see and compare the best online and in-store sales. Definitely worth checking out.**


2 thoughts on “Do your Christmas shopping and support a pastor”

  1. So I'm not sure if it is working or not. I used the link, but I can't tell any difference.

    But I'll keep using it. I tend to buy once a month, so you should see something come along. If not, let's make sure the link is working.

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