A snapshot of younger pastors

Al Mohler recently met with a group of young pastors and spoke very positively of his experience.

What characterizes these rising leaders in the church? In particular, what are the marks of young pastors in their 20s and 30s? Mohler shares eight features of this new generation:

  1. They are deeply committed to the Gospel and to the authority of Scripture.

  2. They love the church. They have resisted the temptation to give up on the church or to be satisfied with a parachurch form of ministry.

  3. They are gifted preachers and teachers. They rightly divide the Word of Truth and they make no apology for preaching the Bible.

  4. They are eager evangelists. They are driven by an urgency to see lost people come to know Jesus and become both believers and disciples.

  5. They are complementarians who affirm the biblical roles for men and women in both the church and the home.

  6. They are men of vision. They apply intelligence and discernment to the building up of the church and the cause of the Gospel.

  7. They are men of global reach and Great Commission passion. They long to see the nations exult in Christ.

  8. They are men of joy…They are not interested in complaining about the church. They are planters and fixers. They scratch their heads as they look at many denominational structures and habits, but they have not given up.

I pray all these things are true in my life and would continue to increase.


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