Logos 4

Yesterday, Logos announced the release of Logos Bible Software Version 4. This is not a software “upgrade” with a few minor tweaks. It’s claiming to be an entirely new platform. From their blog:

The leading Bible software products available today (including our own Libronix DLS 3.0) are powerful tools designed 10-20 years ago…

While technology has moved into the mainstream, it hasn’t stopped improving. We re-invented Logos Bible Software repeatedly to stay on the cutting edge of technology and user interface. But the edge keeps moving.

Our last product couldn’t anticipate the incredible inter-connectedness of today’s users, with widespread broadband, wireless, and mobile-phone Internet. Today’s leading programming language didn’t even exist when we designed the Libronix DLS. Apple and Microsoft have changed processors, operating systems, and more. And, most importantly, the customer base has changed: today’s Bible student with a computer isn’t a computer hobbyist. We are appliance users who expect power, elegance, and simplicity. We want computers to be like our toasters, TV’s, and cars. Turn them on and they just work…

Logos Bible Software 4 is not an upgrade. Logos 4 is Bible software re-imagined. To help you do more and better Bible study.

I already own Logos Gold and have been a happy customer for years. It has helped me immensely with Bible study and sermon preparation. After watching the 5 minute introductory video, I would say Logos 4 has lot of familiar tools like the Welcome Page, Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, etc. with a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. I hope it will be faster as well.

Not only has the program itself changed, but many new books have been added. You can click here to see a comparison chart of the different base packages available (now nine of them!) and what resources are included. I’m very pleased to see some improvements in the area Maps/Photo/Media. This has always been a weakness of Logos. A few other notable additions to Logos 4 are the Opening Up Commentary (30 vols.), the Holman Reference Collection (13 vols.), the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church (included in Scholar’s Library or higher), and several more Reverse Interlinear Bibles – a creative tool that helps lay people interact with the original languages.

With nine different base packages, there’s something affordable for almost any budget. If you would like to learn about upgrading from your current version of Logos, click here. The website will analyze your system and give you a customized price quote. For a limited time, they are offering a 15% discount to upgrade.

No, I’m not being paid by Logos to say any of this. 🙂 I’ve just been so pleased with their product over the past 7 years that I never pass up an opportunity to recommend it to others.


3 thoughts on “Logos 4”

  1. I have been interested in Logos for a long time, but I have yet to save up for the package that I would like. However, as soon as I get the money I look forward to “downloading” the package from their website. Before you had to receive the software by mail, now you can download it.

    Also I like the new iPhone app. I was enjoying reading scripture this morning and being able to look at cross references and a bible dictionary.

  2. Yes, downloading is a nice new feature, but I'll warn you it is a massive 10 GB download. I started it Monday afternoon and it didn't finish downloading and initializing until sometime in the middle of the night.

    Then, for the next day my whole 2,000 volume library was “indexing”, a slow process that is supposed to make searches lighting fast like Google.

    Finally, I think Logos4 is all set up, and wow, I'm very pleased with some of its new features. I'd love to show you sometime.

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