Factors in a church facility

Mark Driscoll recently finished a series of posts on 23 factors that church planters should consider when finding a church facility.

Many of these factors are important not only for new church planters, but also for established churches with existing facilities…

  1. Sight
  2. Time Flexibility
  3. Set-up and Tear-down
  4. Smell
  5. Comfort
  6. Lighting
  7. Acoustics
  8. Power
  9. Location
  10. Children’s Space
  11. Room for Fellowship
  12. Cost
  13. Storage
  14. Public Perception
  15. Parking
  16. Additional Space
  17. Additional Use
  18. Cleanliness
  19. Accessibility
  20. Signage
  21. Conflicting Dates
  22. Contract Length
  23. Facility Options

Where is your facility the strongest? Weakest? Are there any glaring problems? Easy fixes? Not every improvement has to be a multi-million dollar renovation. Some of these factors can be radically improved with a simple change in lighting, paint, greenery, decor, fixtures, furniture arrangement, or room assignments.

We all need to continually ask how we can make our facilities welcoming to visitors and conducive for worship and fellowship. No space will be ideal. There will almost always both positives and negatives to any building. But Driscoll raises some excellent thoughts on an issue we often overlook.

You can download all four of Driscoll’s posts here as one pdf article.


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