New missionaries enter the field

The International Missions Board reports,

While in college, Emma Zondervan called the International Mission Board almost every week for two years to keep informed of opportunities to serve the Deaf. While still a student, she raised her own support and worked with Southern Baptist missionaries in Europe ministering to the Deaf in the summer of 2006. After graduation, she spent several months in Asia working with the Deaf — once again, on her own dime. These trips confirmed her calling and now Zondervan is going to Asia to minister to the Deaf.

Emma is one of 60 new missionaries appointed by the International Missions Board last week. Finances have been tight in this economy, but we praise the Lord new missionaries are still entering the field. More exciting news:

Southern Baptist missionaries are experiencing unprecedented victories in sharing the Gospel around the world, according to Gordon Fort, vice president of the IMB’s office of global strategy. Fort reported that in the past five years, thousands of people from Muslim backgrounds in South Asia accepted the message of salvation.

You can read the whole article here.

HT: SBC Voices


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