Arches national park

Wednesday morning, we spent a couple hours exploring Arches National Park near Moab, UT, on our way to Colorado. The scenery was stunning, and I was surprised to see so many tourists in the heat of summer. Time was limited, so we only took one little walk up to the massive arch known as the “North Window.”

Having just finished the book Worldliness, I found this quote by Jeff Purswell very fitting:

Everywhere we look, the world around us bears witness to the Creator, who brought it into existence…A veritable deluge of revelation floods the world from end to end. Commending on the universality of creation’s witness, John Calvin observes that God ‘revealed himself and daily discloses himself in the whole workmanship of the universe. As a consequence men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see him.’ … According to Paul [in Rom. 1:19-20], we can discern certain things about God through what he has made. Roaring seas proclaim his might, towering peaks bespeak his majesty, variegated wildflowers whisper of his complexity. In these and a million other ways, ‘the things that have been made’ testify to the nature of the One who made them (pp. 148-50).

I cannot help but stand in awe at God’s splendor, His power, His majesty, His strength, His beauty, and His wisdom displayed through this park.


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