Homebound newsletter

After my April 1 post about ministering to the homebound and elderly, I did some more thought and research and concluded that CD and DVD technology is just too much of a barrier to help reach our homebound.

So, I’m deferring to the good ol’ printing press. Starting this month, I plan to write a monthly newsletter called “Family News” for all our homebound and hospitalized church members (about 20 of them). This may take a little of my time away from blogging, but it will be well worth it, because it will reach a totally different demographic in our church.

I may still invest someday in a simple MP3 player for hospitalized folks. But I think a simple, two-page newsletter will be the most effective way for our homebound seniors to receive updates, hear praises, learn how to pray, and get a regular dose of Scripture. I have tried to make the layout sharp and professional, so it will be an encouragement to our members and also a good witness to others in the community who may see it lying around in a hospital room or nursing facility.

You can view the entire first edition here.


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