Moving Day


I’ve been happily blogging with for a year now, and have decided to take Michael Hyatt’s advice and switch from a site to a self-hosted blog. So, this is my last post at All future posts will appear at my new, simpler address

At first glance, you won’t see much difference other than “wordpress” has been removed from my address. But under the hood, there are some real improvements. I no longer have to deal with ads at the bottom of my posts, plus I have more options, like the wonderful RefTagger plugin that automatically hyperlinks all Bible verses.

Please take a moment to visit my new blog site and subscribe to my email list. I’ve already written my first post, which is a book review of the opening pages of Evangelism by Mack Stiles. Plus, all my old posts are archived there too.

The appearance may look similar, but this is a drastic change that takes blogging to another level. Ya’ll come over now, ya hear?


Street Evangelism


Last night, I saw these two guys – presumably an English speaker and a Spanish speaker – standing in the mall offering free Bibles. They were not loud, obnixious, or belligerent. They just had a small table with some literature and a sign offering free Bibles.

We were on the upper level and in a hurry, so we didn’t get a chance to talk with them. But I did pray a short prayer for their ministry before we moved on. Most people passed by, more interested in Christmas shopping or Santa photos, but it seemed like a good way to do street evangelism in public places.

Question: What do you think are good ways to evangelize in public? Click here to leave a comment.

Sinners and Saints


The church of God is like a tree. Some branches are healthy, bearing much fruit. But other branches become sick and diseased, requiring special attention to be nursed back to health.

Unfortunately, a few branches might be completely dead, and need to be pruned from the tree so they don’t sap energy and corrupt the fruitful parts.

Last Sunday, we concluded a six-month tour through the book of Titus, and saw what it takes to keep a church healthy. Paul closes out his letter with some final instructions and greeting . He asks Titus to come quickly to rejoin him on the mainland, while urging him to deal firmly with any members still in the body who are stirring up division.

Why is unity so important in the Body of Christ? How do we practically exercise church discipline? Click here to listen to last Sunday’s sermon.

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